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Alexis K Ault

Assistant Professor Thermochronology, Geochronology and Tectonics

Janis L. Boettinger

Adjunct Professor Soil Genesis Utah State University

Pedology: Department of Plants, Soils and Biometeorolgy

Kelly Bradbury

Instrument Technician

Advisor - Mary Hubbard

Benjamin J. Burger

Assistant Professor Stratigraphy and Paleontology

Kenneth Carpenter

Director and Curator of Paleontology, CEU Prehistoric Museum and Associate Vice Chancellor Dinosaur Paleobiology

Carol M. Dehler

Associate Professor Sedimentology

James P. Evans

Professor Structural Geology

Donald W. Fiesinger

Professor Emeritus Igneous Petrology

Michelle Fleck

Associate Professor Geoscience Education

Forest Gahn

Adjunct Professor Paleobiology BYU-Idaho

Mary S. Hubbard

Professor Structural Geology

Marsha A. Hunt

Business Assistant

Susanne U. Janecke

Professor Regional Tectonics

Kenny Kehoe

Student Technician

Peter T. Kolesar

Professor Emeritus Carbonate Sedimentology, Geochemistry

Thomas E. Lachmar

Undergraduate Advisor Hydrogeology Associate Professor

Blair Larsen

Lecturer Geoscience Education

W. David Liddell

Department Head Sedimentology, Paleoecology Professor

Paul K. Link

Adjunct Professor Sedimentology, Tectonics Idaho State University

Anthony R. Lowry

Associate Professor Geophysics, Geodynamics

James P. McCalpin

Adjunct Professor Neotectonics Geo-Haz Consulting, CO

Dennis L Newell

Assistant Professor Low-temperature Geochemistry

Robert Q. Oaks, Jr

Professor Emeritus Sedimentology, Hydrogeology

Matt Olsen

Student Technician

Shawna Olsen

Staff Assistant

Joel L. Pederson

Graduate Program Director Process Geomorphology Professor

Tammy M. Rittenour

Director Luminesence Lab Associate Professor Paleoclimatology Quaternary Geology

John (Jack) C. Schmidt

Adjunct Professor Fluvial Geomorphology Utah State University

Fluvial Geomorphology: Department of Watershed Sciences

John W. Shervais

Professor Petrology, Geochemisty, Tectonics

Michelle Summa-Nelson

Luminescence Lab Manager

David G. Tarboton

Adjunct Professor Hydroengineering Utah State University

Hydrologic modeling: Department of Civil and Environmental Civil Engineering

Masters Thesis Topic: Geologic controls on geothermal heat and fluid flow in the Snake River

Plain; a multi-scalar analysis, 'Basin' (regional) to 'Play Fairway' to 'Prospect'.

Lillian D. Wakeley

Adjunct Professor U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Retired) Engineering geology