The USU Geology Department's Advisory Board consists of former students and friends of the Department. Board members represent the following geoscience areas: petroleum industry, mining, secondary education (G6-12), higher education, environmental/engineering geology, and state and federal agencies. Members need not be graduates of Utah State University. The purposes of the Board are to promote the recognition, welfare, and progress of the Department, to encourage financial and other support of the Department, and to advise the Department in matters regarding the status of economic, regulatory, or other factors that impact the department’s teaching and research mission. Specific objectives of the Board are:

  1. To provide advice and act as an independent consulting body for faculty, students and staff on departmental issues.
  2. To provide input to the Department from a wide range of groups in an effort to maintain high-quality curricula and degree programs in the Department.
  3. To inform alumni, friends of the University, and the public about the Department and to promote its work and services.
  4. Act as an independent voice to communicate with alumni, governmental officials, and industry officials regarding issues that impact the Department.
  5. To assist in fundraising and development activities, as necessary.


Mark Birch -
Mark Dubois -
Dan Rogers -
Angela Isaacs -
Al Jones -
Dave Loope -
Mike Lowe -
Craig Nelson -
Stephen Personius -
Caleb Pollock -
Andy Taylor -
Paul Jamison -
Dustin Keele -

Use the following link to view the Advisory Board's Bylaws.